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Something to Declare



Jan Sawka, 1946

“Something to Declare, Jan Sawka’s Life in Art”

This is perhaps the longest-running project, by now reaching the final stage of planning and editing.  Dr. Frank Boyer, poet, art philosopher and educator, is acting as the Editor in Chief of the rapidly growing material that is to help understand the expansive artistic and design activities of Sawka. The contributing writers include an essay by the late professor James Beck of Columbia University and Artwatch International, avant-garde theater specialist Kathleen Cioffi  analyzing Sawka’s theatrical activities, theatrical director and critic John Russell Brown reflecting about the graphic work Sawka created for theatrical projects, renowned Polish art critic Wojciech Skrodzki assessing Sawka’s rise to prominence in early 1970’s Poland, and Slawomir Magala of Erasmus University discussing the lighter sides of Polish counter-culture circles at the same period of time.




All artworks/images copyright Jan Sawka Estate