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Jan Sawka made the UMU sculptures in Japan in collaboration with scientists and developers of cutting-edge light projection and screen technologies. These sculptures feature art encased and painted on UMU, a form of 'Smart Glass,' whose opacity is regulated by electrical current. They also utilize a new form of technology called 'liquid light.' The panels in the sculptures go from opaque to clear within a millisecond and the artist's design uses this quality to create a time-element. The changing structure of the material reveals images over time, which float within continually changing colors and levels of transparency. Two of the 'UMU Sculptures' are in the form of cubes, with multiple layers of Smart Glass that become transparent to "lead" our eyes deep into the encased 'world.' The other two sculptures are obelisks, one celebrating the sun and the other featuring calligraphy as an art form.

Other UMU sculptures of Jan Sawka have been commissioned for the Lisbon Expo of the Sea and for a presentation of the Tower of Light architectural design concept to the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. The working model for the Tower of Light is on display at Sumitomo Headquarters in Singapore.

The Jan Sawka UMU sculptures are the first case in the world of art being merged with this technology and they have been developed in direct collaboration with the developers of this technology. The Magic Cubes and Sun and Calligraphy Towers are the first Sawka UMU sculptures that are available for sale to the general public.




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