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Moczulski / 70 Widoków W Drodze Do Wenecji



Leszek A. Moczulski, 1937

The last collaboration between Moczulski and Sawka had taken place in 1975. Fifteen long years passed before they reunited in Krakow in June of 1990, thanks to Sawka’s retrospective, “the Returns” in the National Museums of Poland.  Another great poet and friend, Ryszard Krynicki (see “Humps & Wings”), proposed another collaboration between the two. He ran a small, but ambitious publishing company called A5.  Moczulski quickly assembled a fantastic anthology of his poetry entitled “70 Views en Route to Venice” (70 Widokow  w Drodze do Wenecji). For the close circle of the counter-culture in Poland it was a triumphant moment, when two old friends, one silenced at home and the other in exile, were able to work together again.  Sawka decided to continue his “continuous” motif again (Tools and Instruments), this time on a far larger scale and well-printed.  In addition to the book, a special boxed edition of fifteen signed, loose pages was issued for that occasion.

“70 views en Route to Venice” received the annual honor of The Polish Book Publishers’ Award for 1991.

One “loose pages” version is often displayed in the solo exhibitions of Jan Sawka’s work (see Solo Exhibitions, Creation Gallery, Tokyo, 1992).




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