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Moczulski / Nawracanie Stracha na Wróble



Leszek A. Moczulski, born 1937

This poet and lyricist wrote key lyrics for Polish Rock bands of the 1960’s and 70’s.  His poems formed the lyrics for “Exodus,” a play that was representative of the 1968 Generation in Poland.  “Exodus” was a production of the STU Theatre of Krakow, by then the most political and influential theatrical ensemble of Polish counter-culture (1974).  (Jan Sawka’s poster for this play is a part of design history).

These reproductions come from the near-underground magazine “Konfrontacje” (Confrontations) from Wroclaw, 1974. They interpret Moczulski’s book of poems entitled “The Conversion of a Scarecrow” (Nawracanie Stracha na wroble). The Office of the Censor in Wroclaw banned all of Sawka’s illustrations of any of Moczulski’s poems.  The artists circumvented this ban by printing the poems in Krakow and the drawings in Wroclaw, later binding them together.




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