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Humps And Wings



“Humps & Wings”, Polish Poetry since ‘68

Red Hill Press, San Francisco, CA, 1982

This anthology is the result of Paul Vangelisti and Jan Sawka’s collaboration on another book that never got published.  The best way to learn about the whole affair is to read Paul’s excellent Preface, which is included in the slide-show.  The poets included in the anthology are: Krzysztof Karasek, Stanislaw Baranczak, Adam Zagajewski, Julian Kornhauser, Ryszard Krynicki and Antoni Pawlak.
The cover and all of the author “portraits” are based on Sawka’s painting entitled “To Be A Bird.” Again, this is an example where Sawka’s fine-arts work cross over to design.




All artworks/images copyright Jan Sawka Estate