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December 10, 1946 - August 9, 2012

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You ask about my approach to art?

My stormy life has shaped it for me...

At various times I was doing posters, illustrations, editorials, drawings, paintings, sculptures: the whole array of printmaking techniques passed through my hands, as did concert and theatrical sets costing from $100 to $3,700,000; then came installations, outdoor sculptures, electronically guided images...

I still do all the things I just outlined above.

I have one goal in my life, though.I want to express my feelings, dreams and frustrations--sometimes alone, but often in collaboration with other artists, who speak with a different accent,the accent of poetry, drama, acting, and music...

But we all speak the same language.

So I use all the available means to communicate with them, and with all those who are willing to listen.

--Jan Sawka



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