The Voyage is a 90-minute multi-media spectacle by internationally acclaimed artist Jan Sawka. This powerful visual journey, consisting of 1200 hand-made paintings symbolically represents an individual life as well as the greater story of humankind. The striking, fine-art images will be projected during live music performances. The Voyage celebrates the diversity and unity of the human experience, which connects all religions and cultures around the world. The Voyage will be produced at concert venues throughout the United States, followed by world touring. It will offer audience members a state-of-the-art multimedia experience, with large-scale and high-resolution projections, accompanying lighting effects and cutting edge sound. A hybrid of concert experience and theater, it will engulf and entrance audience members. The Voyage is a response to audience expectations for visual elements within performances and it delivers this with imagery of high artistic quality. Every image used in The Voyage is a fine-art piece by Jan Sawka, who made the images in exact sequence. A pilot of Jan Sawka’s The Voyage with music and video editing by Czeslaw Niemen was awarded a Gold Medal in Multimedia at the 2003 International Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art. The current pilot features the music of the Mickey Hart Band and video editing by Hanna Sawka.